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Will Books Fade into Obscurity?

The world is going digital – zeros and ones have replaced letters and word and bits and bytes have taken the place of traditional books. Kindles and iPads are replacing libraries, and good old paperbacks and hard-bounds are being relegated to the pages of history. Or are they? Those in favor of innovation and progress, those who love technology and are enamored by their gadgets and gizmos, and those who love to flaunt the new and throw out the old are of the opinion that books as we know them are fading into obscurity. No longer will people go to bookstores or libraries to satisfy their reading habits; all they have to do is go online and download all the books they want to their gadgets.

However, there are various reasons why the books we know and love will be around for eternity (or at least a long time to come):

  • For one, while new books can be digitized and downloaded immediately, it’s going to take a while to convert all the books that have already been written into their digital equivalents.
  • Even if this mammoth task is possible, securing the digital rights for these books is another thing that has to be done.
  • E-book readers are expensive, and not many people can afford to buy them. As for traditional books, if you’re short of money, you have the option of borrowing them from libraries instead of buying them outright.
  • While environmentalists are happy that digital books reduce the usage of paper, e-waste by itself is an issue that they are not prepared to deal with. The large number of electronic gadgets and appliances that is being discarded and thrown away gives rise to landfills that pollute the earth with lead, cadmium and other poisonous chemicals. It’s easy to recycle paper and reuse it, but the safe disposal of e-waste is yet to be adopted in many locations around the world. So for now, paper books seem like the more eco-friendly alternative when compared to e-book readers that cannot be disposed of safely when they have outlived their usefulness.
  • And last, but not the least, no matter how much technology advances, no matter that the entire world is going digital, there will be people who prefer the feel of paper and the sight of print to staring at an electronic screen and pressing buttons instead of turning pages.

Change is inevitable; so while you must accept that e-book readers and digital books are becoming increasingly popular, there’s no reason to give up the kind of books that you love – the paper and print kind.