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Top 50 Japanese Food Blogs

Looking to learn a whole new way to eat or just something tasty for dinner tonight? Japanese food just might be the answer. Before you type it into a search engine, stop by the blog(s) of someone who has mastered the art, lives the life, or just has loads of recipes to choose from. There are literally hundreds of blogs to choose from, so don’t get frustrated.

Below, we have gathered the top 50 Japanese food blogs. Written by natives, locals, travelers, and more, they include every kind of Japanese cuisine you could want from appetizer to dessert. There are also options for favorites such as sushi or sake.

Top Japanese Food Blogs

These blogs focus on all aspects of Japanese food.

    1. Kyoto Foodie : Where and what to eat when visiting the Japanese city of Kyoto are shared in this blog. However, you don’t have to travel to get their original recipes and expert how-to guides. They also have sections on cooking utensils and products.

    2. Tess’s Japanese Kitchen : Japanese recipes such as soups, steamed dishes, rice, and much more are featured on this blog. Tess also features favorite entries from other Japanese cookbooks and blogs. The most recent is a minty carrot Tsukemono.

    3. Hiroko’s Kitchen : She began a cooking business in her native Japan back in 1989. Ten years later, she moved to New York, where she now writes cookbooks and authors this expert blog. In addition to expert tips, she also writes about things that interest her.

    4. Japanese Food : Setsuko Yoshizuka has been the Guide to Japanese food since 2000. A Japanese native, she enjoys sharing her passion for cuisine and includes a Japanese food glossary and recipe box. Must reads of the blog include an introduction to sushi and dessert recipes.

    5. The Japanese Food Report : This blog was launched as a journalistic inquiry into all aspects of Japanese food culture. Explore books, equipment, ingredients, techniques, and much more. One of the most current posts are on two must-try Miso dressings.

    6. Yasuko-san’s Home Cooking : This blogger’s mother prepares traditional Japanese meals and showed her children how. Visit to get the family’s menu of the day and more. Be sure to use the recipe generator located in the right hand column.

    7. Sasasunakku : Sasa likes to cook, write, eat, and dance, though not necessarily in that order. Born in Japan, she has lived all over the world and features recipes from everywhere. Some of her favorites include cicerchia soup, chirashizushi, and a carrot, mint, and harissa salad.

    8. Cook Japan : This blogger loves all things Japanese food. Although it has been a while since the latest entry, it is still worth a look. Offerings include porridge and mackerel Japanese-style.

Top Japanese Life Blogs

Learn more about life in Japan, along with the food, in these blogs.

    9. Japan Pulse : This blog is part of the publication “The Japan Times.” Categories on the blog range from art to technology. Trends in the country are largely focused on.

    10. Yen for Living : Click here for another blog from “The Japan Times.” This one, however, focuses on making, saving, and spending money in Japan. An excellent choice for those who wish to live in or visit Japan.

    11. Blue Lotus : Amy Nakazawa moved to Japan in 1996 and fell in love with the country. After marrying one of the locals, she also learned to love the food. She is currently with child and writes all about it.

    12. Watashi to Tokyo : Mari Kanazawa is from Tokyo and blogs all about life there. Although she admittedly has problems writing in English, she still manages to convey the sense of her native culture. Daily goings on and items that interest her are often featured.

    13. Daily Shopping News from Japan : Shopping, eating, and traveling from Noriko’s daily life is found on this blog. She works for a trade company by day and blogs on her favorite things by night. The latest include an exotic perfume.

    14. Just Another Day in Japan : This blog is a compilation of links, pictures, articles, and random nonsense related to Japan and Japanese study. Blue Shoe and other contributors are active learners of the Japanese language and even blog in the language. They also feature many entries on culture shocks.

    15. Loco in Yokohama : This blog was begun to accomplish three things: share the experiences of living in Japan, write regularly, and showcase the writing. He recently concluded a series in racism and shares more.

    16. Life of Linuz : Get a combination of both Norway and Japan in this blog. Since Linuz’s first taste of Japanese cuisine in 1997 she has been obsessed and blogs to that effect. Pictures, art, projects, and cooking are all featured.

    17. Our Adventures in Japan : Click to read Kat and Satoshi’s eating and traveling adventures around Japan. Originally from Hawaii, they love to travel and eat. The blog also stands out for loads of pictures to accompany the entries.

    18. A Geek in Japan : Kirai is a technology lover living in Japan. Categories on the blog include everything from Anime to video games. You can also view the blog in its native Spanish.

Top Japanese Sushi Food Blogs

These blogs focus on one of the most popular of Japanese foods: sushi.

    19. In the Kitchen With a Southern Sushi Chef : Marisa Baggett’s passion for food led her to an early career in culinary arts. At the age of 22, she opened The Chocolate Giraffe in Mississippi. She later learned how to prepare sushi and combines both Japanese food and Southern down-home cooking onto one impressive blog.

    20. Sushi Day : Every day is sushi day on this blog. The blogger posts recipes made, tried, reviews, tutorials, and other sushi related randomness. Visitors can also choose from Maki and Nigiri recipes.

    21. Sushi or Death : The pleasures of sushi from preparation to eating are discussed here. Reviews, along with fun and weird stuff, are also available.

    22. Sushi Otaku : The musings of a sushi fanatic are featured here. Categories include restaurants information, sushi and health, traditions, and others. A recent entry was on genetically modified salmon in sushi.

    23. San Diego Sushi Blog : The goal of these bloggers is to visit every sushi place in the area. See how well they are doing with a visit. They also take on other Japanese food restaurants and travel cuisine.

    24. All About Sushi : This blog is part of the massive iFood network. It teaches all the basics on sushi, including a few advanced tips. The site is also host to loads of other Japanese food blogs.

Top Japanese Snack Food Blogs

Get your next snack just like the Japanese with the help of these blogs.

    25. Japanese Snack Reviews : Learn all you need to know and more about Japanese junk food in this blog. Orchid covers everything from chocolates to fine cheeses. The “1,000 Things About Japan”is also a popular choice.

    26. Daily Yamazaki : Stop here for an anecdotal reference guide to fast and junk foods of Japan. If you’ve never heard of Family Mart or Lawson’s and Daily Yamazaki, you will after a read of the blog. Virginia and Nicholas also use Japanese in their blog entries.

    27. The Japanese Snack Food Review : This blog reviews Asian snacks for “fun and science but mostly fun.” Foods are featured from a zero to 5.0 wasabi pea rating, which you can learn more about. You can also just check out the latest on random foods like lemon potato chips and raisin whip.

    28. Tasty Japan : Kelly is an Australian girl married to a Japanese guy. Her blog is dedicated to reviewing tasty snacks from his native country. Choose a label on everything from alcohol to yogurt.

    29. Japanese Candy : What would a snack be without candy? Napa Japan specializes in sampling Japanese Kit Kats, which are apparently abundant. There are also other snack foods such as chips and gum.

    30. The Ramen Blog : Far more than a package of noodle soup, Ramen is known throughout the world as the ultimate Japanese snack. Get reviews and news for it on this blog. There are also other Japan related entries.

    31. Healthy Blog Snack : Get a blog on all snacks, not just the Japanese, by clicking here. Lindsey writes for busy people who have little time for nutrition. Fun, food, fitness, and more are also written about.

Top Japanese Specialty Food Blogs

These blogs focus on a particular aspect of Japanese food.

    32. Molppai : What’s a Japanese meal without a drink to go with it? This blog focuses on wine, beer, sake, and more. A different drink is often reviewed in each entry.

    33. Sake World : The blog was created by “Sake Evangelist”John Gauntner, one of the leading non-Japanese authorities on sake in the world. He is also the only non-Japanese certified Master of Sake Tasting. Visit to get his picks for this Japanese delicacy.

    34. Japanese Ice Cream : Learn how Haagen Daz is sold to the Japanese in this blog. It also stands out for featuring the best in local ice cream. Simply choose your flavor from the right hand column and click to learn more.

    35. Wagashi Maniac : Wagashi is a traditional Japanese sweet. This blogger features these desserts as recipes personally prepared. English translator required.

    36. Norio on Wine and Food : Learn how to pair Japanese food and drink with the help of this blog. There are also tons of traditional recipes to choose from. Popular posts include matsutake rice and pork cutlet bowl.

    37. Just Bento : Practical and fun bento box tips and ideas, healthy bento recipes from Japan, and the world can be found here. Beginners can check out the basics or even get a Get Started Handbook. The latest post is on quinoa with Japanese flavors.

    38. Bento Lunch Blog : Have your lunch the Japanese way with the help of this blog. Inspiration and tips for making your own Bento lunch box are shared. Simply use the translator, as the original blog is in German.

    39. Japan Brew : Sake isn’t the only alcohol to be found in Japan. There are also many varieties of beer as featured in this blog. Other drinks are also written about.

    40. Tokyo Through the Drinking Glass : Follow Melinda as she pursues life, wine, and sake in her blog. She has been at it since 2006 and has loads of entries to choose from. Everything from shots to the perfect glass of wine is discussed.

    41. Humble Bean : This blog is dedicated to contemporary Japanese food. It is also a place for learning, discovery, and invention. Chilled tomato somen is the topic of the latest post.

    42. Calories in Japanese Foods : If looking to Japanese food as a way to help lose weight, visit here. The site gives the calorie count for many foods from amanto to zosui. Simply click on the food to get more information.

Top Japanese Home Cooking Food Blogs

These bloggers and chefs teach you how to make Japanese food in your own home.

    43. Just Hungry : This blog began in 2003 as a way for Makiko to write about her food obsessions, including those from her native Japan. Sections on the blog include recipes, handbooks, and even a forum. Recommended reads include “100 Japanese Foods to Try”and “The Essential Japanese ingredients.”

    44. Still Clumsy With Chopsticks : 2Obachan means a “middle-aged woman”or “aunty”in Japanese. From Kochi, Japan, she shares home cooked recipes and even information on local orchards and gardens. There is also a metric converter for figuring out those tricky Japanese measurements.

    45. Tokyofoodcast : Et-chan and Te-chan share their love of sake and Japanese food from their home. In addition to recipes and tips, they also feature podcasts with even more. You can also get a travel and Tokyo grocery guide.

    46. Japan Eats : Both local Japanese and international audiences will enjoy this Japanese food blog. They publish original episodic videos, podcasts, articles, and more. Choose from the latest in booze, recipes, and many others.

    47. Japanese Cuisine : Yukari Sakamoto devotes the blog to creating Japanese food at home. Labels include rice, miso, sushi, and many others. A recent post was on how to make Japanese popcorn.

    48. Misa’s Kitchen : This blog was formerly known as the Soy Sauce Queen. Now the blogger returns with tons of tips for authentic Japanese home cooking. A worthy stop for the pictures alone.

    49. The Gaijin Gourmet : Ohaiyo Gozaimasu dedicates his blog to the Soy Sauce Queen and others. It is worth a stop for those who are beginning a quest in Japanese food, even if new posts are sparse.

    50. Japanese Food Dictionary : Finally, if any of the above have you confused, click here. This free, online dictionary features an A to Z listing of Japanese foods. There are also other food resources to choose from.

Remember to use caution when preparing any of the raw fish or foods found in the above top 50 Japanese food blogs. Many have been cooking and blogging for years, and some of the recipes cannot be deviated from at all.