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Top 35 Vintage Clothing Blogs

Vintage clothing has become a major interest for those who love fashion. Blogs and social networking sites allow vintage clothing lovers to come together and talk about their obsession and the history behind it. Clothing trends change with the times and it’s amazing to see the functional silhouettes and details that have withstood generations of trends. Learn more about designers and styles from decades ago with the help of these top vintage clothing blogs.

Top Blogs for Learning About Vintage Clothing

Whether your body looks best in a ‘50s sheath or a frothy ‘70s maxi dress, these vintage clothing blogs will teach you what to look for when shopping vintage items and how to care for them so they stay in stellar shape.

    1. Adore Vintage This is one of the most useful vintage clothing blogs on the web because it goes into great detail over vintage patterns and styles from the ‘20s forward.

    2. Vintage Bulletin With multiple posters, this is the site to read when you want to learn how to work vintage clothing in your modern wardrobe. It also showcases pieces from its eBay store and other vintage clothing sources around the web.

    3. Mystique Vintage Clothing Blog This vintage clothing blog goes into depth with the make and models of several vintage pieces it features. It gives you a rundown of what details to look for on a garment from a certain era and how to care for vintage clothing in your collection.

    4. Debutante Clothing At this quirky blog you’ll learn how to mix the old with the new in a fresh, stylish way. It has plenty of images that will inspire you to wear your vintage pieces every day instead of hoarding them away for a special occasion.

    5. D Vintage Clothing For those who love all things vintage, this blogger talks mostly fashion and style, but occasionally features vintage pieces from her home decor collection.

    6. Chronically Vintage Learn about vintage pieces this blogger has and how to wear vintage clothing so it looks cute and quirky, not costume-driven.

    7. Vintage Clothing Tip This blog has tips on how to buy vintage pieces online, including a rundown on how pieces from various eras run in terms of sizing and how to measure your bust, waist and hips to ensure a great fit.

    8. Couture Allure This is a fantastic online resource for those looking to learn about vintage clothing. It covers several different decades, talks about major designers who are long gone and also chats about the timeless shapes that still look relevant today.

    9. Denise Brain Learn everything you need to know about how to shop for and wear vintage clothing on a daily basis. This blog touches on different fabrics and details that were popular during certain eras.

    10. From Betsy With Love This fabulous vintage clothing site is fit for those who love to inject a little beauty from the past into every day. The blogger posts vintage photos for inspiration and also talks about hallmarks on clothing from particular decades.

    11. Glamoursplash This vintage clothing site places a huge emphasis on vintage swimsuits and how the trends from the ‘50s and ‘60s are represented in modern swimwear.

    12. Liebemarlene Vintage Learn how to work vintage clothing like it’s brand spanking new from this fantastic blog. The blogger has a true passion for clothing and style and offers tips for putting a new spin on vintage clothing.

    13. Dorothea’s ClosetThis vintage clothing blog hits on pieces from the turn of the century through the ‘70s and shows amazing shapes and styles that continue to rule the runways and make their way into mainstream modern fashion.

    14. Shrimpton Couture We love this online boutique and the blog that goes with. The blogger posts vintage clothing sightings on modern day celebrities and has been featured in major magazines for her how-to-wear vintage clothing advice.

    15. Medical Disposal Systems This fun blog showcases clips from period films for inspiration and also shows you how to wear vintage clothing pieces with other budget-friendly items for the modern woman.

Blogs for Sourcing Vintage Clothing

These blogs will make you want to get out and shop. If finding vintage clothing has been your excuse for not getting into vintage shopping, these blogs will show you the best sources and how to go about making a purchase.

    16. Zuburbia This site does the dirty work for you and scours vintage sites and eBay stores for amazing deals and pieces that can easily be worn every day to work or play.

    17. Our Vintage Life This blogger just started up her own vintage clothing store and has tips on how to purchase vintage items, from dresses to kitschy pieces for around the house.

    18. Wearing History For those who are into vintage pieces from the beginning of the 20th century and want patterns to make their own clothing, this is your blog. It’s a fabulous blog to follow if you are making alterations to existing vintage pieces too.

    19. Strawberry Koi This blogger shows you where to buy vintage clothing, but also vintage-inspired clothing if you’re less adventurous and aren’t sure how older clothing fits your shape.

    20. Vintage Starlet This blogger takes you on her vintage shopping trips with tips on how to spot a gem and what to leave behind when the shopping bug bites while in a thrift store.

    21. Vintage Vivant See how this blogger wears vintage and modern pieces together and where she picks up some of her move beloved vintage items.

    22. Hollygab This blogger has tips for wearing vintage clothing and finding it online and in vintage stores. She also offers tips on caring for vintage pieces to keep them in good condition.

    23. Diary of a Vintage Girl This long-time vintage clothing lover shows you where to buy vintage items and how to wear them on a daily basis or for special events.

    24. Tea with the Vintage Baroness This blogger has a vintage boutique on Etsy, but also features vintage pieces from other online stores and talks about trendy pieces that are popular or hard-to-find and tips on how to source them.

    25. Cali Vintage This vintage clothing blogger has style tips galore and isn’t afraid to share them. She posts about vintage shopping sites and stores and chooses to wear most of her vintage clothing in a more modern way.

    26. Doo Wop Dolly This vintage lover is addicted to dressing up 24/7 and shares her tips for shopping for unique vintage pieces when you’re at a thrift store or flea market.

    27. Vintagemaaedchen Use Google Translator to read this amazing blog over all things vintage and how to work them into modern life. It is a fantastic read with plenty of eye candy and has tips on how to spot a diamond in the rough.

    28. Revamp Vintage This famed site is home to the LA-based store that reworks and recreates vintage costumes and ornate clothing. Check the links at the side for lessons in fashion history to get your vintage shopping on the right track.

    29. Penelopepup’s Vintage Clothing Blog This blog is part online boutique and reviews clothing from various decades and has plenty of link love for fellow online stores where you can find the best vintage clothing.

    30. The Way We Wore This famous vintage store has a blog and posts updates on vintage clothing exhibits going on the U.S. and Europe.

Vintage Clothing Discussion Boards

Chat up other vintage fashion lovers with these messageboards that talk about vintage clothing patterns and how to get the perfect finishing touches for a vintage dress.

    31. Defunkd If you have questions about how much a vintage piece is worth or how to go about selling it to a consignment shop in your area, this is the messageboard for answers.

    32. eBay – Vintage Clothing Accessories Forum eBay is one of the biggest online resources for vintage clothing, so it’s no wonder the forum for the subject is always hopping with folks inquiring and sharing information on vintage items.

    33. Vintage Clothing Sellers Vintage clothing sellers can get an idea of how to advertise items, get tips on customer service skills and how to set up your online store so you can start making money.

    34. Vintage Schmintage Forums This discussion board has vintage clothing tips for men and sewing ideas for coming up with your own vintage-inspired pieces or utilizing patterns from eras gone.

    35. Vintage Fashion Guild At this messageboard, members talk about trends in vintage clothing (as in, what’s selling like hot cakes right now) and how to track down the designer of an item when the tag isn’t available.

These vintage clothing blogs will give you history lessons in garments you’re after and also teach you how to wear them in a modern manner. Since vintage fashion isn’t ruled by any one decade or trend, it’s easy to showcase your personal style when wearing vintage clothing. Be bold and embrace the glamorous silhouettes and details found on garments from years ago, which will always make you stand out in a crowd.