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The Complete List of Eco-Fashion Blogs

Eco-fashion, sustainable style—whatever you call it, clothing and accessories made with a low impact on the environment are one of the hottest trends around. The following blogs from around the world are excellent resources for anyone who wants to be on the leading edge of the eco-fashion industry. (We’ve listed them in alphabetical order for your convenience.)

  1. Centre for Sustainable Fashion : The London College of Fashion team of bloggers discuss trends and news in sustainable fashion on this intelligent blog.
  2. Chicvegan : At Chicvegan, find the latest fashions that are not only environmentally friendly, but produced in a vegan way. This means no animal products, period.
  3. Cielbleu : Cielbleu is a sustainable clothing company that also posts interesting finds from the world of eco-fashion and design.
  4. Commerce With A Conscience : Brad Bennett writes this blog to help educate the public about socially conscious designs that are also attractive and affordable.
  5. DealHippie : DealHippie scours the Web for daily specials and sales on eco-fashion, beauty products, and other items for the eco-conscious consumer.
  6. DesignSprout : DesignSprout showcases the best eco-friendly design in furniture, home design, art, and fashion.
  7. Earth To Philly : This blog of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News covers green trends and news in Philadelphia, including eco-fashion.
  8. Ecco Eco : Abigail Doan writes this blog which focuses on the best in designer eco-fashion.
  9. Eco Goddess Fashion : Naomi and Lorna, from the UK, write about ethical and sustainable style on the Eco Goddess Fashion blog.
  10. Eco-Chick : The twenty bloggers of Eco-Chick devote space to sustainable style, handmade natural products, and creative upcycling.
  11. ecofabulous : Ecofabulous brings the best in eco-friendly products to its blog, including fashion, beauty products, home décor, and kids’ products.
  12. : exists to provide readers with inspiration for environmentally conscious clothing. They believe that we are connected all over the world and that the purchasing decisions we make today have a real impact.
  13. Ecomodish : Ecomodish publishes reviews of eco-fashion pieces, beauty products, furniture, gift ideas and more.
  14. EcoPrincess : Eco-Princess is Becky, a UK blogger who loves to take photos of eco-fashion. She takes the time to interview up-and-coming designers.
  15. Ecorazzi : Ecorazzi is the blend of “eco” and “paparazzi.” So this blog has all the latest gossip when it comes to environmental issues, Hollywood, and politicians.
  16. Ecosalon : Ecosalon covers ecofashion, food, health, and even eco-pets in this excellent blog.
  17. EcoSista : “Where Black Meets Green” is the perspective of this fun environmentally aware style blog by Jazmine.
  18. Ecostiletto : Ecostiletto is about helping the fashion-conscious woman reduce her carbon footprint from a snow boot size to a stiletto. They write about eco-friendly fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrities.
  19. Ecostyle Magazine : This online “magazine” is all about putting together eco-friendly looks that are stunning and sustainable.
  20. ecouterre : Ecouterre was launched by Jill Fehrenbacher of in September of 2009. She highlights innovations in clothing technology as well as smart, attractive designs.
  21. Ethical and Green : Mostly about other “green” topics, this blog does cover eco-fashion occasionally.
  22. Ethical Fashion Addicter : Showcasing the best in eco-fashion, the Ethical Fashion Addicter combines excellent guest posts with environmental news.
  23. Ethical Style Blog : The Ethical Style blog covers news and interesting notes from the world of eco-fashion.
  24. Fashion Loves People : Fashion Loves People only showcases clothing and accessories that are made in a way that respects human rights while also respecting the environment.
  25. Fashion, Evolved : This blog is not currently being updated but it has some excellent older posts about the world of eco-fashion.
  26. Fig + Sage : Fig + Sage has a ton of reviews of natural beauty products as well as organic clothing items. Get details on all the hot sales.
  27. Green Cotton : Green Cotton is committed to providing its readers with original content about eco-fashion that is not merely a collection of product pitches.
  28. Green Earth Bamboo : Green Earth Bamboo writes about everything related to bamboo and products made from bamboo.
  29. Green Girls Global : Green Girls Global is powered by “Green Hosting” and features the chronicles of girls trying to live green all around the world. It is no longer being updated but has some fabulous archives.
  30. greengrechen : Grechen has three other websites that are full of news about sales, contests, and giveaways. However, her “green” site is devoted entirely to eco-friendly products.
  31. Iva Messy : Iva blogs about fashion, eco-fashion, and her personal style. She takes a lot of photos! Recognized as a “blog of note” by Blogger.
  32. Jute & Jackfruit Blog : Jute & Jackfruit is a Boston store that specializes in providing modern eco-fashion to its customers.
  33. LuxEcoLiving : LuxEco Living’s philosophy is that real luxury is meaningful when you are healthy, when you are helping the earth to be healthy, and when you participate actively in nourishing others.
  34. Magnifeco : Magnifeco is an eco-fashion blog that only features products that are made in an eco-conscious manner, are fair trade, vegan, or recycled. The site is designed so you can click the links directly to buy something if you like it.
  35. Miss Malaprop : Miss Malaprop is a review blog that spotlights independent designers as well as green and eco-friendly products.
  36. Modern Hippie Mag : Modern Hippie Mag is a WordPress blog that discusses family topics, organic food, heath and wellness, and eco-fashion.
  37. Natural Makeup Addict : The Natural Makeup Addict encourages her readers to buy natural, organic, and eco-friendly products on her blog. Follow her as she undertakes such “difficult challenges” as not buying herself any new clothes for three months.
  38. OutsaPop : OutsaPop is home to a Finnish designer who uses existing clothing to make all-new sustainable clothing. Fashion from trash!
  39. P.S. I Made This : Simple, short instruction on how to make a variety of clothing items and décor for your home. But it’s all homemade, and sometimes made from old stuff.
  40. Real Vintage : At Real Vintage, the bloggers are firmly committed to the pursuit of excellent vintage clothing and to wearing it whenever possible.
  41. Style Will Save Us : UK-based Style Will Save Us bills itself as an online magazine for a “peachy green” lifestyle. The blog spotlights new favorite pieces, upcoming events, and even some snack food thrown in.
  42. Sustain Your Style : Sustain Your Style blogs about eco-fashion in all of its incarnations, including everyday clothing, luxury wear, menswear, and clothing for children.
  43. the alternative consumer : This blog spotlights the best in eco-conscious fashion, home décor, and design.
  44. The EcoDiva : EcoDiva has been blogging about “ethical luxury” in cosmetics, fashion, and accessories since January 2008.
  45. The Ethical Fashion Blog : Published by Drapers, the magazine for fashion news jobs, & trends, The Ethical Fashion Blog provides industry news as it relates to socially conscious fashion.
  46. The Green Connoisseur : The Green Connoisseur focuses on top-of-the-line, luxury items that also happen to be eco-friendly.
  47. The Green Familia : The Green Familia is a “light green” blog to guide families in making more socially responsible choices in everything from clothing to food.
  48. The Green Girls : The Green Girls blog about fashion, health and beauty products, and a healthy family lifestyle.
  49. The Greenloop Blog : Greenloop is a well-known online retailer of sustainable and eco-conscious fashion. They present news and commentary on the industry here.
  50. ThreadBanger : ThreadBanger is an eco-fashion blog in the sense that the authors encourage their readers to make their own clothing or use old clothing to make something new and even better.
  51. TreeHugger Fashion & Beauty : TreeHugger is known as an authority on everything green, and their fashion blog doesn’t disappoint. With news about the latest green efforts by designers to provocative posts about sweatshop labor, Treehugger is on top of socially conscious fashion.
  52. Veggywood : Living the vegan life in Los Angeles is the theme of Veggywood’s blog. Known Web-wide for the “Vegan Shoe Of The Day.”
  53. Your Daily Thread : Your Daily Thread has a lot of reviews of eco-friendly beauty products as well as fashion and accessories. Learn how to DIY some things, like sugar scrub.