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How to Find a Publisher for Your First Book

It’s every author’s dream to be published, to have their book sell thousands of copies, and to go in for reprint after reprint. They’re not really after the money or the royalties or even the fame that comes with their book becoming part of popular culture; most writers are happy that they’ve actually managed to break into the world of published authors. It’s an uphill task to find a publisher for your first book, especially if you’re a relative unknown who will not sell based on your name alone. So if you’re looking to get published, these ideas could be of some help:

  • Establish yourself on the web: When you want a publisher to take you seriously, you need to have established yourself as a good writer, someone with credibility and who knows their stuff. With the advent of the Internet, this has become a very easy thing to do. So before you begin to fire away on your manuscript, take the time to set up shop on the free advertising media that is the Internet. I personally know two people who signed book deals based solely on their blogs. Interested publishers saw potential for successful books based on their niche writing and on their popularity as blog owners and writers. And even if the publishers don’t come to you, your blog allows you to showcase your potential.
  • Don’t write hoping to get published: This may seem like a strange thing to do, but when you write a book with the intention of getting it published, you tend to lose your creativity and try to conform to clichés and trends that are currently popular. You lose your originality in the process and your book comes across as a not-so-good clone of a few of the recently popular bestsellers. Publishers are looking for originality because they know that people are always seeking change, so if they see a spark in your work, they may be willing to take a gamble on you.
  • Publish by yourself: And finally, instead of waiting for publishing houses to get back to you, self-publish your books using some of the options that are available online. This may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a start to where you want to go. It allows you to test the waters and see the reception your book gets; also, you could begin small by writing e-books and publishing them online to see what people like and would buy at a bookstore.

If you’re looking to get published, the answer is to be patient, keep trying, and stay busy with writing new things while waiting for someone to snap up your book.