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Get Crafty With These 20 DIY Party Favors

We love a good party favor, but there’s no doubt that they can get pricey, especially if you have a hefty list of party guests. Luckily, bloggers are coming up with new ways to gift party-goers with trinkets and tasty treats for weddings, birthday parties and other get-togethers on your social calendar.

DIY Party Favors for Weddings

DIY weddings party favors have taken over the world of wedding blogs. That vintage touch is easy to achieve when you have the right materials, so read on for DIY ideas for wedding party favors.

    1. Charlotte’s Fancy – Creative Party Favors If your wedding will go into the wee hours of the night, this goodbye package of doughnuts and milk will be the perfect thing to hit the spot of guests who’ve danced the night away. It’s a fairly inexpensive project you can DIY with the help of a few friends and family members and takes minimal skill, so if you aren’t that crafty there’s no need to fret.

    2. Giver’s Log – DIY Hot Chocolate on a Stick Wedding Favors Keep your guests energized with a sugar fix. These DIY hot chocolate on a stick project is simple for those who know their way around the kitchen and can be made in large batches. It’s also a very cheap project that you can knock out within a few hours and then move on to other wedding plans.

    3. My DIY Wedding Favors – Tea Party Favors Give your wedding guests a few tea sachets to help them unwind after the big day. The tea bags can be bunched in a tulle sachet or simply tied together with a ribbon that coincides with the colors for the wedding.

    4. Do It Yourself Weddings – DIY Candles Wedding Favors If you’re looking for a DIY bonding experience for your family and bridesmaids, whipping up DIY candles will do the trick. Making your own candles is a lot easier than it sounds. You can choose the colors and scents and create DIY stick-on labels emblazoned with the bride and groom’s names or a love quote or quote from one of the couple’s favorite songs.

    5. DIY Wedding Planning – Sweets in a Jar If you need a simple, fast DIY party favor, look to these jars with sweets inside. You can fill jars with candy or baked goods and you instantly have a sleek, attractive DIY wedding favor that can be adorned a custom label and ribbons that coordinate with the wedding’s colors.

    6. Ruffled Blog – DIY Ribbon Wands Wedding Sendoff If you’re over the rice or bubbles for the sendoff at the end of a wedding, consider these DIY ribbon wands. This is a simple project that can be done months in advance so you aren’t scrambling to finish up at the last minute. A mix of colors works well for festive pictures.

    7. Whimsy Girl – Oreo Truffles Wedding guests will say yum to these delicious truffles. Making candy is very simple and when you have a lot of hands involved, the work goes by in a flash. The icing looks classic in white, but feel free to incorporate icing in the color of your wedding too. Truffles can be bundled in bags or put into small jars in conjunction with the DIY project mentioned in this article.

    8. My Cakies – DIY Cupcake in a Jar Guests will adore these jars of layered cakes and frosting. You can choose trendy flavors like red velvet or dark forest chocolate or go classic with vanilla. This is an easy project that anyone can do since it takes basic baking skills and no one says you have to make the cupcakes from scratch. If you aren’t good at baking, boxed baked goods are your friend and no one will mind once they’re digging in to these cute party favors.

    9. DIY Wedding Planning Guide – Glitterati of Cupcakes If you’re comfortable in the kitchen and looking for a major wow factor, these cupcakes are the perfect way to add bling to your wedding. These glitzy cupcakes can be handed out to guests as they leave or made available for noshing after the cake has been cut and folks are looking for something to munch on. They’re different from basic cupcakes because it’s all in the decorating details. The majority of the work comes in when decorating the cupcake wrapper.

    10. Green Wedding Shoes – DIY Cupcake Topping Bar What better way to get your guests in the DIY action than with a cupcake topping bar? You and your wedding party do the dirty work and create a slue of cupcakes with very little frosting on top. Then set out an array of fresh berries and syrups for guests to top their cupcakes with.

DIY Party Favors for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Kids birthday parties are now on another level. These DIY party favors are aimed at a kid’s birthday part, but you can create these favors for any party you throw.

    11. Hostess Blog – DIY Bubbles Every kid loves bubbles and these DIY canisters gives them a personal spin. You can print out custom labels to make the canisters coincide with the theme of the birthday party. This project does take a lot of work, but it’s worth it once you see the kids’ eyes light up at the sight of carefree fun.

    12. Party Tales – DIY Yummy Gummy Pots These cute gummy pots will make a great addition to any kid’s birthday party. We love this DIY party favor because even the most un-crafty among us can pull it off. Because this project involves skewers, make sure any kid that helps you is about 8 years old or older to refrain from any accidents.

    13. Etsy – Mustache Drink Topper Kids and adults alike will enjoy these cute party favors. The mustache has taken over for some reason and this DIY party favor is easy to do days before your event. Expect smiles and quirky pictures when you guests start sipping drinks from these funny straws.

    14. Tiny Prints – DIY S’mores Party Favos Everyone loves s’mores and parents will appreciate you taking the time to give their kids a treat to take home. This DIY project is simple because it can be done in an assembly line and only involves packing small bags. You can tie the bag with a ribbon coordinating with the party or go low key with a twist-tie.

    15. Pebbles in My Pocket – Magical Princess Wand Tutorial This DIY party favor takes some time and patience, but little girls will love the results. A magical princess wand can make an appearance at a princess-themed birthday party or done in the colors of a birthday party that doesn’t have a distinct theme.

DIY Party Favors for Baby Showers

Baby showers have become big events and it’s all in the details. Show off your craft savvy with these DIY baby shower party favors.

    16. The June Bride – Baby Shower Cookies If you can make cookies and cut them out with a cutter, you can make these baby shower cookies for a cute party favor. These cookies are shaped like a baby carriage and then decorated with colors that suit the sex of the baby. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, go with yellow. Colors for boys include baby blue and brown trim or pink and lavender for girls.

    17. Moms in Heels – Peas in a Pod This super cute idea is easy to do no matter what your craft skills. You can do this with Lindor truffles as suggested in the how-to or DIY when it comes to the truffles too (which is easy and cheap). Choose colors that work with the baby’s sex or mix lots of bright colors for an interesting presentation.

    18. Home Confetti – Bundle of Joy If you’re sending guests home with gifts, take a moment to wrap the gifts. This blogger created a “bundle of joy” for the small gifts given out at the baby shower. A mix of pastel colors looks beautiful for a baby shower or go bold with an array of primary colors.

    19. Twig and Thistle – DIY Favors Safety pins say baby shower, so it’s no wonder this blogger used them as the finishing touch for wrapping up cookies for guests with this DIY party favor. Minimal sewing skills, printed fabric and scalloped scissors create these darling little pockets to hold any party favors you choose.

    20. Fiskars – Lollipop Holder Even those working with a tiny budget can create this DIY baby shower party favor. Feel free to make these cute lollipop holders for any party, but the whimsical feel make them ideal for a baby shower.

Making a few DIY party favors is a great way to add your own personal touch to a party. It’s also a great way to stick to your budget and still give your guests a momento that will help them remember what a ball they had at your party. Remember to stick with colors that work with the theme of your party and add a little pizzaz with patterns in the same hues.