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Salary With a Bachelor of Arts

It takes three to six years to earn a bachelor of arts, though most students spend four years (eight semesters) in college to earn this type of degree. Four years is certainly a long time to stay in school, though – will the salary you can earn after graduation be worth it?

Salary by Major

If salary is your main concern, choose your major wisely. Many of the top-paying jobs for bachelor’s degree students are actually science-based, which means that you’ll more likely to earn a bachelor of science instead of a bachelor of arts, but don’t be fooled – there are still some extremely high-paying jobs for those who have completely bachelor of arts programs.

Bachelor of arts degrees typically focus on education in non-scientific fields like history, art, and literature. There available majors for this type of education are, however, nearly limitless. The major you choose does greatly affect the salary you earn. Here are some majors you should consider with your bachelor of arts degree, keeping in mind that these are approximate median salaries:

  • Commercial art and graphic design: $40,940
  • Communications: $41,600
  • Economics: $52,450
  • English language and literature: $38,710
  • Fine arts: $36,000
  • History: $39,520
  • Journalism: $41,330
  • Political science and government: $43,730
  • Psychology: $35,750


Making More Money with a Bachelor of Arts

Want to make even more money in your field? No matter what your major, pay attention to location, as this can be a huge factor in determining salary, as well as the type of employer that hires you, your benefits package, other skills you bring to the table, and more.

Online Bachelor's Degrees (BA, BS, BBA, etc.)

Walden University – Offering more than 15 online bachelor degree programs and 55 different concentrations, Walden University is an accredited online university whose objective is to help students be able to balance both their work and family life with that of their studies. Each student is assigned an advisor to help find a degree program that suites their needs.
Liberty University – Liberty University is deeply rooted in Christian tradition while providing an accredited education to its undergraduates. The programs are designed to help its graduates to be able to be able to make in impact on the world both in their respective area of study and from a societal Christian perspective.
Purdue University – Purdue University provides online education for those needing flexibility to do schooling according to their schedule. The virtual campus is easily accessible and consists of a world class faculty that is their to meet the needs of their students. The diverse undergraduate curriculum consists of everything from Art & Sciences to Legal to Nursing to Technology and much more.
Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University has a variety of undergraduate degree programs. Each program is designed to provide its enrollees with further education in specified area of study, but with the flexibility of a course load that best suits their needs.
Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college that provides its enrollees with the education needed to advance their respective careers in a variety of fields. Classes are conveniently offered both online and through on-campus classes. The many undergraduate programs include Health Sciences, Business, Justice Studies, Nursing and Technology and Design.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is Christian-faith based accredited school located in Arizona whose primary focus is to see its students achieve their potential. The many undergraduate degree programs include BA in Arts in History to BS in Athletic Training to BS of Medical Imaging just to name a few. Courses are offered both online and on-campus.
South University – South University predicates that their curriculum is focused primarily no the needs of its student, understanding that most have a busy lifestyle outside the classroom. The school's knowledge staff consisting of Financial Aid Officers and Guidance Counselors is there to assure enrollees that they affordably meet their career goals through the many undergraduate degree programs offered.
Southern New Hampshire University – Southern New Hampshire University offers undergraduates programs that will enable career-driven individuals to achieve their goals. The wide-selection of programs are cutting-edge and pertinent to the many technologically- dependent industries its graduates may pursue. The degree programs include everything from business to computer science to health studies are just a sample of what is available.

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