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24 DIY Cleaning Remedies That Will Make Your House Sparkle

Whipping up a DIY cleaning recipe is easy, safe for the environment and great for your bank account. If you’re a clean freak or just into your own apartment and not sure how to make housework manageable, read on for tips that will make your house spic and span without any serious elbow grease. It may even make cleaning fun (no promises)!

DIY Cleaning Recipes

Instead of stocking up on chemical-laden cleaning products, create your own cleaning products in your own kitchen. Here are a few recipes that will come in handy for different parts of your home.

    1. All purpose cleaner. For a simple all purpose cleaner, mix four tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of warm water. Give it a quick mix and use it on everything from kitchen counters to toilets.

    2. Glass cleaner. Good ol’ vinegar does the trick for any windows or glass surfaces. Use a newspaper to clean the area for a sparkling finish that doesn’t leave any residue or lint behind.

    3. Toilet cleaner. Spritz the inside of the toilet with vinegar and then sprinkle on a little baking soda. This will create a paste that disinfects and cleans the toilet as thoroughly as any pricey pre-packaged product.

    4. Oven cleaner. Mix two tablespoons of borax and two tablespoons of vegetable-based liquid soap in a spray bottle, along with water. Spritzz the bottom of the oven and let it sit for about 20 minutes before scrubbing it down with ease.

    5. Pots and pans. Drop a tablespoon of baking soda into water and let it dissolve the hard-to-remove grime on pots and pans that have been used for years. You can also use a combination of coarse salt and lemon juice on copper pans.

    6. Dishwasher solution. For spot-free dishes right out of the dishwasher, drop a tablespoon of vinegar into the rinse compartment.

    7. Citrus rinds and ice. This will dissolve any disgusting odors in your garbage disposal, freshening up the area around the disposal in the process.

    8. Dry table salt. For dried and caked-on messes that make you want to throw a dish out, try dry table salt. Use it with a damp sponge and watch the mess easily come off the surface of your dish.

    9. Tub cleaner. Make the interior of your tub glisten by applying kosher salt to the inner half of a grapefruit and scrubbing away. The result is a sparkling tub with a light citrus scent.

    10. DIY wood polish. Combine the juice from one lemon, olive oil and water in a bottle. Shake to emulsify the concoction and then pour a small amount on the area you wish you clean. From there, you can wipe it down with a microfiber rag or just a standard cloth.

DIY Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Make cleaning your home just a little easier by implementing these simple tricks.

    11. Use vodka to clean mold and mildew. Spray caulking that has accumulated mold and mildew with vodka. Allow it to saturate the area for about 10-20 minutes and then wipe clean.

    12. Clean hardwood floors with tea. Boil a pot of hot water and steep two tea bags. Mop floors as usual and end up with shiny, clean hardwood floors that glow.

    13. Go over floors every other day. If you have the time, go over hardwood or ceramic floors every other day to prevent them from getting filthy. Do this with a micro-fiber mop, which can be purchased at any superstore.

    14. Rent a steam cleaner. This is a fantastic way to get your carpets super clean. Rent a steam cleaner once a year and keep your carpet in stellar condition. Be sure to go over the carpeted area twice for a deep clean.

    15. Add essential oils or lemon juice to DIY cleaners. For a kick of freshness and to outdo the vinegar smell in many DIY cleaners, add a few drops of essential oils or lemon juice to the mix for a pleasant fragrance.

    16. Make use of herbs for added fragrance. You can also use sprigs of herbs to add fragrance to vinegar-infused DIY cleaners. This is especially useful when you have a bunch of herbs left from cooking and won’t be using them anytime soon.

    17. Spray lime scale away. Spray undiluted white vinegar on lime scale and then take a shower. The steam will instantly lift away lime scale. This won’t be the most pleasant smell, but it is an effective way to .

    18. Spray away the ants. If summertime means ant city in your house, spray crevices and window sills with vinegar to keep they out.

    19. Fight a stinky drain. Pour a mixture of part baking soda, part vinegar down the drain and let it sit for 10 minutes before flushing away the paste (and the smell).

    20. Go nuts! Get rid of minor surface scratches on your furniture by rubbing the area with a shelled walnut. The oils will buff the scratch right out and you’ll have a “new” piece.

    21. Get glass sparkling. To make glass dishes shine like never before, use salt and lemon juice. Simply pour it on or in the dish and swirl it around for a streak-free clean.

    22. Banish sticky surfaces. When trying to remove anything sticky such as spilled candle wax or old melted crayons, use any oil or mayonnaise to lift the goo right up.

    23. Remove stubborn stains. Use vegetable shortening to remove stubborn stains from your couch or carpet. Rub the vegetable shortening on the area and then wipe clean with a clean rag.

    24. Get rid of grease on wallpaper. Do this by applying baby powder to a clean powder puff. Pat the greasy area and allow the powder to soak up the oil or grease. The powder will disappear on its own and any leftover can be dusted away.

Having a spotless home is fun, even if you can’t keep up with it all of the time. Implementing these simple tricks will help you keep your housecleaning in check and make it easier to spot clean your home on a regular basis. Remember that consistency is key. It’s better to tend to small things around your house as they get dirty than to do a deep cleaning once every few months.